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Distribute Marketing Budget More Efficiently

A solid growth marketing data foundation begins with the high quality, multi-touch attribution. The marketing data related to how users engage with your site is a key building block in your data stack which impacts many of your marketing decisions. With better and more granular attribution data, you can better understand the true impact of each touchpoint across your entire marketing funnel.

“With advanced attribution, we’ve been able to better understand our lead source data which has subsequently allowed us to make smarter marketing decisions”
Alan Braverman
Founder & CEO, Textline
  • Capture engagement across channels
    Understand a user’s interaction across web, mobile, server, and third party partner touch-points in real-time
  • Uncover the details of every touchpoint
    Through a single unified customer profile, you’ll be able to analyze each customer interaction, and develop segmentation around outperforming attributes
  • Deploy budgets more efficiently
    Leverage advanced attribution to see more accurate customer acquisition costs and deploy budget to the most efficient channels. 

Connect Marketing Investments to Revenue Realization

  • Multi-touch impact — demystified.
    With multi-touch measurement, you can measure and better distribute marketing investments based on the impact of cross-channel customer touchpoints.
  • ROI by Channel/Subchannel combinations.
    Prove and improve your return on investment based on channel/subchannel combinations.
  • Improve media performance with more accurate attribution data.
    Make better-informed media investment and optimization decisions with more accurate attribution data. 

Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Derive more accurate creative insights. 
With advanced media optimization dashboards, your media buying team can more accurately select high-performing ad creatives and to emulate ad creatives with more favorable results.

Optimize your ad spend with greater accuracy. 
At the campaign, ad group, and ad levels, you’ll be able to see more accurate customer acquisition costs and to make better decisions related to budget allocation, targeting decisions, and ad creatives.

Path to conversion analysis. 
Understand the range of customer conversion paths and the sequence of customer touchpoints. Invest more in the conversion paths with the most favorable ROI.

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