Reduce Noise and Focus
on Analysis

Get accurate and up-to-date attribution data automatically synchronized with your important go-to-market systems so you can reduce busy work and focus more on deriving insights.

Automated marketing reports based on trusted data

With an automated ETL platform, marketing ops teams save time in gathering data and creating reports that would be otherwise done manually, freeing up time for analysis.

Complete campaign attribution data synced into your CRM

Sona connects advanced attribution data with Salesforce objects intelligently so you’ll get the most accurate campaign attribution data with minimal effort.

Attribution models tuned to your business

Switch between multiple attribution models to uncover where in the funnel different marketing channels are most impactful. From lead sourcing to nurturing to close, invest more into what’s working.

The Data You Need. Right Now.

Automate reporting

Stop building spreadsheets from scratch. Easily reference dashboards tracking key business metrics, channel performance, and marketing costs at a glance.

Marketing Costs Dashboard
Segment Sync

Identify and share high-value segments

Create user segments to sync to other marketing tools for more personalized messaging. Segments automatically sync to the destination platform whenever there’s new data.

Find the right attribution model for every campaign

Uncover how channel performance varies using different attribution models. Sona supports both single touch and multi-touch attribution models to give marketers more visibility into channel impact along the customer journey.

Attribution Model Dashboard Illustration

Make Your Stack Smarter

Sona integrates bi-directionally with many apps, giving you more ways to derive insights and drive growth.
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Deliver Timely Insights
with Automated Reports

Discover a better way to support marketing teams with
the Sona Growth Platform.