Sona Growth Platform


De-anonymize visitors, engage better with target accounts.


Identify companies visiting your website and fuel your pipeline

Unlock the potential of your website traffic with de-anonymization. By identifying anonymous companies visiting, you can uncover new leads and engage more effectively with target accounts. Gain valuable insights into their needs and behaviors for higher success with tailored outreach

Turn website visitors into pipeline

Convert anonymous website traffic into actionable leads and information in real-time. So you can make the most of every marketing dollar and close more deals

Gain new qualified leads

Sona allows you to identify the right person to contact from a visiting company. With enriched lead data, you’ll be able to better qualify and to construct the right outreach message.

Sync with your CRM

Empower your sales team with more intelligence in the platforms that they already use.

  • Integrate with major CRM and marketing automation tools
  • Automatically sync visit data with your CRM
  • Improve win rates with identified companies and contacts along with customer journey data

Discover Buying Intent

Leverage visitor data to understand what prospects are interested in

  • Enhance sales conversations with insights into pages visited and content downloaded by prospects
  • Understand prospect engagement levels based on browsing behavior
  • Use 50+ behavioral and firmographic attributes to qualify the leads with the highest potential.

Integrate with your sales and marketing tools

Unify data from all of your GTM platforms with our extensive library which includes hundreds of data connectors.

Elevate your demand generation efforts, discover fresh leads, and engage target accounts by knowing their specific needs.

Discover a better way to support sales teams with the Sona Growth Platform.