Understand Marketing ROI in Minutes

Take the lead in revenue accountability. Prove ROI and maximize spending with advanced, real-time, and trusted data insights.

Prove the ROI of your campaigns

Align key stakeholders with centralized, accurate, and actionable data demonstrating marketing’s value at each stage of the buyer’s journey. With advanced data insights, marketing and sales collaborate and win together.

Unlock revenue growth

With more accurate, first-party attribution data, scale revenue by comparing marketing channel performance. Then, dive into drill-down views, showing campaign, ad group, and ad-level cost data combined with first-party sales data.

Drive faster time-to-revenue

See which marketing sources deliver a sale the quickest. Find out which touchpoints are most effective at progressing a deal to the next stage. 

Know Which Marketing Activities Drive Revenue

Accurate marketing ROI in minutes

Get a clear and accurate picture of marketing performance with enhanced and combined first-party datasets, and make informed decisions about how to distribute budget. 

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Compare marketing channel performance

See how marketing channels, subchannels, and campaigns compare based on customer acquisition cost (CAC) and revenue metrics. Pause underperforming channels and distribute budget more efficiently.

Connect marketing activities to revenue

Track end-to-end funnel metrics to identify stages with improvement opportunities, marketing influence at different funnel stages, and much more. Accelerate time-to-revenue by analyzing marketing channel impact.

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Make Your Stack Smarter

Sona integrates bi-directionally with many apps, giving you more ways to derive insights and drive growth.
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Demonstrate the Value of Every Investment

Discover a better way to measure ROI with
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