Sona Growth Platform

Data Synchronization

Seamless, bi-directional integrations with your go-to-market platforms.


Empower revenue teams with better data

More than a single source of truth for marketing performance, Sona is  a marketing analytics engine that can enhance data within the applications utilized by other revenue teams. Sona offers native integrations with dozens of applications and can be configured to sync with any data destination including data warehouses and spreadsheets.

Media platforms: Optimize targeting

Sona can report conversions to Facebook, Google Ads, and other media platforms to allow marketers to shift spending to effective campaigns. It also allows marketers to build segments based on select user profiles and sync them to optimize targeting. All segments will be updated automatically whenever a change is made on Sona. 

Connectors illustration

How to set up conversion reporting to a media platform


Select ad platform and ad account from the list of connectors


Add a new conversion event


Select the ad platform conversion event


Select first-party source data and configure required fields
Segment Sync

CRM Systems: Accelerate Opportunities

Contact and company activity data attributed to prospects on both user and company profiles can be sent to CRM systems to equip sales with valuable data related to open opportunities. 

For example, a sales specialist could see an uptick in account activity, see that the contact has been browsing website blog posts about certain use cases, and reach out to capitalize on the prospect’s interest. Or, if there’s a sudden drop-off in activity, the specialist may want to take corrective action to save an at-risk opportunity. The specialist could also tailor their messaging to suit the prospect based on their activity history.

Databases: Enable New Analytics Applications

Raw and enhanced data can be sent to a data warehouse for storage or use by a business intelligence (BI) solution. In the latter scenario, further data analysis can be conducted to answer questions that leverage enhanced attribution datasets.

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Data Synchronization in Action

Discover a better way to empower all revenue teams with better data.