Align Teams for
Better Forecasting

Access the historical data you need at your fingertips.
Collaborate more effectively with marketing and sales on forecasting, budget allocation, and performance.

Align with sales and marketing for better insights

Unified datasets allow for collaboration with marketing and sales for better analysis of performance against projections, plan for upcoming months, and report with ease.

Forecast more efficiently

Spend less time stitching together data to understand marketing and sales performance. Focus on forecasting and planning for the future instead of making sense of the past.

Confidently report performance to the C-suite 

Reference Sona’s unified dashboards at a glance to answer any questions related to current company growth. Be prepared and confident to report findings.

Accelerate GTM Planning

Leverage automated performance datasets

Easily reference dashboards tracking historical performance across all channels for more effective forecasting and budgeting. Spend more time planning for what’s to come instead of what has already happened.

Marketing Costs Dashboard
Channel KPI Illustration

Unify data silos from marketing and sales

Sona dashboards unify and enhance datasets across teams and platforms to present a complete picture of overall company growth, allowing faster analysis and implementation.

Report on growth with confidence

Direct API integrations with ad platforms, CRMs and other go-to-market tools allow data to flow directly into the Sona platform. From there, data is deduped, enhanced with data providers, and made available for reporting and analysis.

Journey to Conversion Illustration

Make Your Stack Smarter

Sona integrates bi-directionally with many apps, giving you more ways to derive insights and drive growth.
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Never Miss Another Forecast Again

Discover a better way to collaborate with the Sona Growth Platform.