Sona Growth Platform


Revenue-focused insights at your fingertips.


Keep an eye on revenue growth

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by vanity metrics and fancy charts. Sona helps you stay focused with carefully curated dashboards featuring critical revenue, cost, customer journey, and campaign performance insights. 

Optimize spend with revenue-centric dashboards

Start with four curated dashboards and create additional dashboards tailored to your business.

Turn data into actionable insights

What would typically take growth marketing, data analysis, and data engineering teams leveraging a data warehouse can all be done on the Sona platform without coding. Our built-in ETL system lets you cleanse, normalize, combine, and aggregate your data in minutes. As with most Sona features, the Sona team will assist you in setting them up as part of the data integration process.

Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and Revenue

Discover a better way to prove the value of your campaigns once and for all.