Hit Your Marketing Forecasts in 2023

Forecasting marketing’s contribution to revenue can be complicated. But not if you have full visibility and accurate attribution of all marketing activities. With Sona, you’ll be able to call your number—new logo wins, revenue, margin, or anything in between—easily and reliably.

A Better Way for Forecasting


Identify and track efficacy metrics

First, discover what your business is making and spending on each sale with the revenue attribution and marketing costs dashboard. You’ll find key cost and revenue metrics such as average revenue per customer (APRC), customer acquisition cost (CAC), return on ad spend (ROAS), and customer lifetime value (CLV) in just a few clicks. 

Need to track something else? We’ll work with you to create a custom dashboard for it. Sona’s advanced attribution system provides a solid data foundation on which to measure anything and everything related to your GTM initiatives, as well as create highly accurate forecasts.

screenshot revenue attribution dashboard
Discover the average revenue per customer (ARPC) by channel within a given time period using the revenue attribution dashboard.
screenshot marketing costs dashboard
Explore the customer acquisition cost (CAC) for all paid media or by individual channels with the marketing costs dashboard.
screenshot journey to conversion
Track the rate at which leads are added to your pipeline as well as the progression of those leads until the sale closes with the journey-to-conversion dashboard.
screenshot budgeting dashboard
Visualize the velocity of customer conversions with a cohort table.

Forecast marketing’s contribution to revenue

Next, measure the rate in which pipeline and revenue are generated. You’ll find a clear visualization of sales velocity as well as a breakdown of average days to conversion for each channel on the journey-to-conversion dashboard. Combine velocity, cost, and revenue data to create your forecast. You should now be able to reliably answer the question: How much revenue will we generate, and by when?


Prescribe the right marketing plan

Finally, optimize your current marketing initiatives to meet your revenue or business goal. With accurate revenue, cost, and velocity data at your fingertips, plus the ability to drill down into every detail of your campaign, you’ll be able to make transformative, data-driven improvements to your marketing strategy.

You and your team should now be able to answer difficult questions such as:

  • How much should we spend to achieve the revenue goal?
  • How much pipeline can marketing contribute to our GTM efforts?
  • What’s a realistic CAC target to reach our goal?
  • What are the best- and worst-case scenarios for a given budget?
  • What channel mix should we use and which customers should we prioritize?
  • What kind of messaging and creatives work?

Update your marketing strategy, monitor the results, and continuously optimize your operations.

screenshot paid media drill down
Drill down into every campaign, ad set, and creative to optimize performance.

Never Miss Another Forecast Again

Discover a better way to optimize spend with the Sona Growth Platform.