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Your Unified, Growth Marketing Stack

Connect data sources to unify marketing, sales, and finance data with any other data across the organization.


Everything in one place

Connect, transform, and normalize marketing data from a robust set of API connections. Unify data across teams.

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Your growth overview

With growth marketing dashboards, organize and manage a unified set of customer growth metrics that align with overall business performance.

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Analyze and Automate your Marketing

Daily or Monthly Tracking

Track daily and monthly performance against target goals. Monitor lead volume, campaign spend, and calculated metrics from custom charts and dashboards.

Calculated Metrics Reporting

Access calculated metrics from a single report or dashboard chart. Share reports with your team members for better collaboration.

Automated Data Synchronization

Build custom audience lists from segments derived from your customer lists. Then sync those lists back into Facebook for better targeting. 

Enhanced, Multi-Touch Attribution

Understand your entire customer journey with enhanced, device-based attribution tracking. With more accurate attribution data combined with your CRM data, increase your marketing ROI by making better and more informed decisions.


More Accurate and Integrated Tracking

With a proprietary and integrated attribution technology, the S/L platform helps you gain a better understanding of all the interactions and touchpoints with your brand on the path to conversion.

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Scale your customer growth engine with Sona Labs
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