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Sidestep the pitfalls of implementation and keep your team focused on delivering business outcomes with a partner that will support you end-to-end, from strategy to execution.

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Deliver business outcomes as quickly as possible. Quantify value every step of the way with regular check-ins with our growth experts.

Minimize time-to-value

Empower your team to start making informed decisions in hours, not weeks, with our fully managed setup and onboarding process. 

Avoid setbacks

Resolve technical issues, troubleshooting, and any custom development faster with support from Sona's data engineering team.

How We Can Help

Attribution Strategy

Identify the optimal attribution approach for your organization based on a comprehensive assessment of your current challenges, KPIs, and operational dependencies. We’ll work with you in selecting the right attribution models, dashboards, channels, and more to accurately reflect the realities of your business.

  • Attribution model recommendation, selection and customization
  • Custom dashboard development
  • Channel and subchannel mapping
  • Milestone stage definition

Marketing Analytics Architecture

Optimize your analytics architecture to maximize insight accuracy. We’ll analyze the data flow between your many GTM systems, evaluate data quality, and review governance standards to determine the ideal data, MarTech, and reporting stack.

  • Tracking script implementation
  • Ad accounts integration
  • UTM structure confirmation
  • CRM integration and reporting setup
  • Database integration and reporting setup
  • Cost data ingestion

Data Engineering

Build more complete and accurate attribution datasets. Our data engineers will work with you to develop the right connections between your data sources. This includes troubleshooting and custom development work to ensure seamless integrations across all platforms. 

  • Data troubleshooting
  • Data reconciliation
  • Segment troubleshooting
  • Offline data source ingestion
  • Custom ad platform integration

Growth KPI Assessment

Accelerate revenue growth after implementation with regular checkups on your growth KPIs. Our growth experts will be on hand to assist in translating complex reports and datasets into actionable insights, which typically results in return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) improvements of up to 20%.

  • Success check-ins
  • Custom dashboards and reports to track marketing KPIs

Lock In Success from Day One

Don’t leave anything to chance. Deliver tangible results with the right attribution strategy.