Our mission is to amplify sustainable growth for the world’s most innovative companies


Sona tackles every company's biggest challenge: sustainable growth.

In today’s world, marketers have access to more information and technology than ever before. In theory, this should allow for more agility and efficacy to drive better results. However, the modern-day marketer faces a range of structural challenges. Attribution is broken and marketers are flying blind with their marketing spend. Sales, marketing, finance and other functions house data silos relevant to growth. A successful growth trajectory at scale requires a well-orchestrated strategy, coordinated execution, unified and synchronized growth data, and integrations with go-to market tools.

more attribution for previously unattributed leads

based on customer data

of customers 

say they've used multiple channels to start and complete a transaction (Salesforce)

year-over-year increase

in annual revenue for companies with strong omni-channel customer engagement  (Aberdeen Group)

Our Story

We’re here to help companies solve their growth challenges. 

Understanding growth is in our DNA. Ramu grew hi5, an early social network, from inception to 200 million users entirely through viral marketing and a sizable growth team. Following hi5, we did large-scale customer acquisition in several verticals, including financial services and realized a number of structural challenges related to scaling paid growth acquisition. So, we took a fresh look at what we saw as broken and solved from the ground up.  

Companies spend $450B per year on online advertising. Due to changes in the privacy environment and missing technologies, there’s an increasing blindness as to what spend is converting. Additionally, marketers pay to bring users to their websites but they lack the resources and technologies to maximize conversions for their top of funnel marketing efforts. At the outset, the Sona enables our customers to spend more efficiently with better, more enhanced data. Second, there’s an opportunity to scale growth with customized experiences. Finally, Sona combines disparate data silos into a single growth data warehouse. This allows for building rich, unified, omnichannel experiences across media and messaging interactions.

Marketing organizations are increasingly accountable for the entire customer journey, and the Sona Growth Platform provides the insights, data, and functionality to solve this challenge.

This is what defines us



We listen.

We are concise, articulate, and responsive.

We provide candid, empathetic, and timely communications to colleagues, partners, and customers.



We’re curious.

We’re critical thinkers.

We are willing to teach what we know so we can execute better and improve decisions.



We are patient and work tirelessly to produce quality work.

‍We follow through on our commitments.

We believe in kaizen ...continuous improvement.



We can make greater contributions as we improve ourselves.

We are realistic about our own strengths and our limitations.

We recognize the power of great teams and acknowledge the contribution of others.



We have a bias towards action.

We believe it’s better to make more decisions with imperfect information and course correct if we’re wrong.

We recognize that speed is a factor in winning the market.



We actively listen to our customers with positivity and patience.

We aim to deeply understand our customers and their challenges.

We look to earn trust with every customer interaction.

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