Advanced attribution

Attribute All Motions with One Multi-Touch Model

Every customer interacts with marketing, sales, and customer success touchpoints every day, but many marketing- or sales-centric tools make it hard to accurately attribute customer activity across revenue functions. What would it take to unify all motions under one multi-touch model? Let’s take a closer look.

How siloed attribution hurts revenue growth

Attribution and demand generation have traditionally been the domain of marketing. But business- and sales-development teams are increasingly involved in generating pipeline with outbound activities such as on-ground events, prospecting calls, and upsell campaigns. 

This blurs the line between sales and marketing, and makes revenue attribution more complicated. Who should get credit for the customer who was qualified by a BDR at an event, nurtured over five months by the digital marketing team through social and email, and won by a sales rep after a workshop? 

Without a clear view of the entire buyer’s journey, revenue leaders risk over- or underinvesting in the wrong initiatives, especially non-digital outbound activities, and hurting revenue growth.


Incomplete attribution

Missing outbound sales initiatives overlooks the contribution of SDR and BDR activities, which are no less important than marketing campaigns in generating pipeline.

Suboptimal budget allocation

Separate sales and marketing budgets make it hard to optimally prioritize resources across all pipeline-generating activities.

Ineffective collaboration

Without unified data, sales and marketing can’t fully join forces to accomplish shared goals. Both teams risk wasting time and resources on the wrong activities.

Empower sales and marketing to win together

Sona integrates with all GTM platforms to create a single source of truth for revenue attribution. This gives sales and marketing complete visibility into the buyer’s journey, enabling both teams to accurately credit every touchpoint with sophisticated multi-touch attribution models.With both teams aligned on goals, GTM strategy, resources, and outcomes, growing revenue becomes a team sport.

Time for Inside Sales to Shine

Give your outbound activities the credit it deserves with more accurate revenue attribution.