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Your single source of truth for every prospect.


Uncover every buyer’s journey—offline and online—at the point of conversion

Understanding the buyer’s journey is the most critical, yet difficult, challenge facing every marketer. But it’s getting harder to see the whole picture with privacy restrictions and siloed marketing tech stacks. Sona solves this challenge by matching and organizing all data into a single, user-centric view.

User profiles

User profiles allow marketers to drill down into every lead to see the journey each prospect has taken leading up to, and beyond, a conversion event such as a purchase. 

Although Sona tracks visitor activity, all visitors remain anonymous by default. The system does not store any personally identifiable information (PII) for website visitors. A user profile is created only when a conversion event such as a form fill occurs, ensuring that only users who have both volunteered their contact information and provided consent are identified.

Only after the user provides explicit consent will Sona match information from the lead form with data previously collected from various sources including Sona’s cookieless tracking script, CRM systems, post-purchase surveys, spreadsheets, and even direct mailing lists to construct a complete timeline of each buyer’s journey. Profiles can also be configured to include milestone touch points, conversion events, as well as revenue and cost metrics.

User Profile Illustration
company details illustration

Company profiles

To provide a complete view of complex B2B sales cycles involving many stakeholders, Sona will create a company profile and consolidate the activities of all users belonging to the same organization under it. 

Similar to a user profile, a company profile contains background information (e.g., company size, revenue, location) and an activity timeline of all user interactions across all touchpoints. Sona can further enhance user and company profiles by matching IP to location, IP to company, and address to GPS coordinates. 

Together, the user and company profiles can help revenue teams improve lead routing, account scoring, and sales outreach initiatives to accelerate an otherwise long and slow sales cycle.

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