Invest More into What Converts

Leverage trusted data to make quicker, more effective budgeting decisions. Confidently validate your intuition about marketing channel performance with accurate attribution.  

Win More Customers at Scale

Centralize cost reporting

Import cost data directly from ad platforms and visualize everything on one dashboard to easily optimize campaign performance, reallocate channel budgets, and more. 

Marketing Costs Dashboard
User Profile Illustration

Identify the right customers

Understand and predict customer behavior with accurate user and company profiles, compiled using campaign lifecycle data from every channel.

Optimize spend

Examine cost and revenue data through the lens of multiple attribution models, channels, and time periods to identify budget leaks and top-performing channels.

Attribution Model Dashboard Illustration

Centralize cost reporting

Chart showing progress of actual SQL vs target SQL

Track goals vs actuals

See where you stand on key goals at a glance with analog gauge widgets.

Monitor target vs actual cost

Track ad spend in real-time against your budget and save time by eliminating manual reporting processes at scale. 

Chart showing funnel for sales process, with the four milestones: leads, MQL, SQL and closed won

Oversee sales velocity

Use the funnel widget to monitor conversion rates at every stage, from lead to sale.

Uncover spend by channel

Immediately see where you’re over- or underspending against your monthly budget.

Make Your Stack Smarter

Sona integrates bi-directionally with many apps, giving you more ways to derive insights and drive growth.
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Make Every Dollar Work Harder

Discover a better way to optimize spend with
the Sona Growth Platform.