How Sona Connects Sales and Marketing to Revenue

The Sona Revenue Growth Platform is designed to deliver the most comprehensive picture of the buyer’s journey—across all channels, both online and off—to give marketers near-complete attribution of their initiatives and revenue.

Here’s how it works

Capture and unify user activity

Eliminate visibility gaps and significantly improve attribution accuracy

Unlike many attribution platforms, Sona relies on a cookieless, first-party script that’s GDPR and CCPA compliant to discreetly and accurately capture user activity on a website. A cookieless script is less likely to be blocked and negates the need for annoying cookie permission pop-ups that may drive users away. 

Then, to get a complete picture of user activity, Sona can be integrated with other data sources, namely ad networks such as Facebook and Google Ads for cost data, and CRM systems and data warehouses for customer data, to create a single source of truth for revenue attribution.

A live feed of user activity can be seen on the Sona platform via the activity tracking log.
Bi-directional integration with a wide variety of data sources such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Snowflake comes standard.
screenshot direct mail
Sona can match direct mail lists with online user activity based on location and IP data.
screenshot user profile
Each profile provides a 360-degree view of a user, which may include their name, email address, and location
screenshot companies list
Company profiles provide a unified view of individual activity, revealing a more detailed picture of the buyer’s journey, especially when it comes to long, complex B2B sales cycles. 

Profile users and organizations

Identify key stakeholders and accelerate sales cycles

To help marketers make sense of the deluge of data, Sona organizes the information it receives into user and company profiles. This humanizes the user and provides an intuitive way of understanding the buyer’s journey. Further, it can distinguish multiple users from the same company and place them under one company profile. Company profiles provide a unified view of individual activity, revealing a more detailed picture of the buyer’s journey, especially when it comes to long, complex B2B sales cycles.

Map milestones

Gauge the efficacy of every touchpoint and initiative

Sona takes a descriptive approach when it comes to defining success, allowing marketers to set unique milestones in their buyer’s journey from the first touch until the deal is closed (and beyond). These milestones are then attributed to user profiles when conditions are met. Using the Journey to Conversion dashboard, marketers can now see the buyer’s journey and the rate at which leads are progressing through the pipeline. They can also identify top performing channels as well as the best paths to conversion.

screenshot journey to conversion
With milestones defined and mapped, marketers can track the movement of a user from lead to sale.
screenshot user profile
User profile with various milestones and touch points
screenshot marketing costs dashboard
The Marketing Costs dashboard helps marketers keep track of overall marketing spend, as well as individual performance by channel.
screenshot revenue attribution dashboard
The Revenue Attribution dashboard allows marketers to track revenue and customers using a range of pre-built and custom attribution models.
screenshot paid media drill down
The Paid Drill Down dashboard lets marketers analyze the performance of each campaign, ad set, and creative.

Attribute costs and revenue

Understand your true return on ad spend (ROAS) and optimize channel mix

With milestones providing context to the activity and lead data, Sona is now able to accurately attribute costs and revenue to each channel, user, and company. More than that, marketers will be able to analyze the performance of each campaign down to the level of each individual ad and prove the ROI of any initiative with just a few clicks.

Optimize sales and marketing efforts

Enrich connected platforms and help other revenue teams succeed

Using its bi-directional integration capabilities, marketers can report conversions back to ad platforms, bridging a crucial gap between sales and marketing. New audience segments (matching the ideal customer profile) can be synced back to ad platforms to optimize targeting. And in-market behavioral models can be sent to go-to-market tools such as CRM and messaging platforms to inform sales tactics and messaging. 

The Sona Revenue Growth Platform is now a true revenue attribution hub.

screenshot conversion upload
Sona can push conversion data to connected platforms such as Facebook, Google Ads, and Salesforce to be consumed by other revenue teams.
screenshot segment creation
New segments can be created from user profiles to better reach lookalike audiences. Segments can be automatically synced to external platforms such as Facebook, Google Ads, Salesforce, and Hubspot to enable optimal targeting.

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Sona integrates bi-directionally with many apps, giving you more ways to derive insights and drive growth.
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