Automated Datasets at Your Fingertips

Don’t waste time stitching together data manually in spreadsheets. Derive insights sooner and implement optimizations faster with auto-updating datasets and dashboards.

Eliminate Cumbersome Processes

Automated reporting at a glance

Remove manual spreadsheets from your workflow with auto-updating dashboards.

Marketing Costs Dashboard
Segment Sync

Reduce dependencies on other teams

No need to ask engineering to pull data. Everything you need is at your fingertips, updated in real time.

Faster, more efficient analysis

Get answers quicker with powerful visualization tools and attribution model filters.

Marketing Influence Dashboard

Make Your Stack Smarter

Sona integrates bi-directionally with many apps, giving you more ways to derive insights and drive growth.
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Make Every Dollar Work Harder

Discover a better way to optimize spend with
the Sona Growth Platform.