Sona Growth Platform


Complete visibility across all touchpoints.


Uncover the entire buyer’s journey

To accurately attribute revenue in a complex B2B deal, you need to see and understand every stakeholder's actions. Sona makes the typically complicated process of tracking, integration, and analytics simple, requiring minimal effort from your team to set up and use.

Optimize Web Analytics with Cookieless Tracking

New privacy regulations and the widespread use of ad blockers have made it much harder for marketers to track user activity, forcing them to install intrusive cookie consent banners and accept less accurate web analytics based on incomplete data. Sona overcomes these challenges using an advanced tracking approach that puts user privacy first. 

Unify Revenue Data Sources with Data Connectors

Visibility beyond just website activity is arguably more important, yet challenging, to achieve. Revenue, marketing, finance, and customer success data exist in siloes across many platforms. And they’re often stored in different, incompatible formats. Sona solves this next big challenge by making the platform the single source of truth for customer journey data that drives revenue across the organization.

Set Custom Milestones, Conversion Events, and Attribution Models

With complete visibility of cost, revenue, and customer activity, you can now define what success means to your business.

Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and Revenue

Discover a better way to prove the value of your campaigns once and for all.