Better Data,
Better Forecasts

Exceptional revenue operations is all about consistency and predictability. Get a more complete and accurate picture of revenue that allows you to make better decisions.

Forecast with greater confidence

With access to more accurate historical data, you’ll be able to see trends more clearly and set realistic goals that the team can achieve.

Spot trends and opportunities to boost performance

With enhanced firmographic, demographic, intent, and engagement data layered on your first-party datasets, you’ll find new insights and opportunities to reach and beat goals.

Get data ready for querying and reporting

Sona connects advanced attribution data with Salesforce objects intelligently so you’ll get the most accurate campaign attribution data with minimal effort.

Empower the Revenue Team with Sharper Insights

Leverage automated performance datasets

Easily reference dashboards tracking historical performance across all channels for more effective forecasting and budgeting. Spend more time planning for the future instead of reconciling the past in data. 

Marketing Costs Dashboard
Channel KPI Illustration

Empower marketing to excel

Sona dashboards unify and enhance datasets to present a complete picture of marketing performance, allowing teams to analyze and implement optimizations faster.

Stand behind trusted data

Direct API integrations with ad platforms, CRMs and other go-to-market tools allow data to flow directly into the Sona platform. From there, data is deduped, enhanced with data providers, and made available for reporting and analysis.


Make Your Stack Smarter

Sona integrates bi-directionally with many apps, giving you more ways to derive insights and drive growth.
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Accelerate Your GTM Strategy

Discover a better way to grow revenue with
the Sona Growth Platform.