Get the Full Picture on Performance

Track and understand the user journey from first click to sale. Pinpoint exactly what works at every stage of the funnel. 

Simplify Attribution Without
Compromising Accuracy

Create a single source of truth for revenue

Enhance attribution accuracy with advanced, cookieless tracking scripts. Consolidate all online and offline touchpoint data on one platform. Match cost and revenue data on custom dashboards to uncover actionable insights.

Revenue Attribution Dashboard Illustration
User Profile Illustration

Home in on your ideal customers

Build detailed user and company profiles using empirical campaign lifecycle data, then double down with campaigns targeting your most receptive users. 

Fine-tune attribution and performance

Break down spend by channel and revenue, then weigh them using multiple attribution models to find one that best fits your business. Optimize spend according to channel and tactic.

Attribution Model Dashboard Illustration

Works with your current stack

Whatever you're using to close deals and track pipeline, we integrate with it.
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Take the Guesswork Out of Campaigns

Discover a better way to attribute revenue with
the Sona Revenue Growth Platform.