Hubspot is a leading provider of business solutions with a platform spanning marketing automation, CRM, customer service, content management, and operations. Integrate Hubspot with Sona to optimize marketing performance through better attribution, reporting, and targeting.

Complete the buyer’s journey

Construct a complete buyer’s journey combining web, marketing, and sales activity with automatic CRM data synchronization—both for users and organizations.

Analyze with superior granularity

Go beyond Hubspot’s predefined and rigid traffic categories. Sona retains all traffic activity data and allows you to assign your own traffic sources, freeing you to analyze customer touchpoints in the way that best suits your business.

Enhance Hubspot attribution

Use data captured by Sona’s first-party tracker to complement Hubspot attribution, which typically only reports upon a portion of user interactions.

Elevate Hubspot with Sona

Sona’s powerful ETL system cleanses, normalizes, combines, and aggregates data from all your GTM platforms in minutes to empower your team with actionable revenue intelligence. Hubspot is one of more than 170 platforms supported by Sona today.

Illustration Sona Infrastructure


Sona automatically syncs data to and from your Hubspot account daily, creating a copy for analysis and archival purposes.


Hubspot data is applied to multi-touch attribution models across the platform to derive actionable insights on revenue performance.


Hubspot data is automatically synced to adjacent GTM platforms to provide visibility on opportunity progression.

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