Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the world’s biggest ad platforms and a major source of ad spend for many organizations. Sona enables marketers to improve results by as much as 25% with better attribution accuracy, reporting, and targeting.

Improve attribution accuracy

Sona’s first-party tracking system provides more than 95% tracking coverage and can correct Facebook inconsistencies.

Report offline events

Optimize Facebook campaign performance by automatically reporting conversion events from other GTM platforms.

Optimize targeting

Automatically sync segments to Facebook to target audiences that most resemble your ideal customer.

Elevate Facebook with Sona

Sona’s powerful ETL system cleanses, normalizes, combines, and aggregates data from all your GTM platforms in minutes to empower your team with actionable revenue intelligence. Facebook is one of more than 170 platforms supported by Sona today.

Illustration Sona Infrastructure


Sona automatically syncs data to and from your Facebook account daily, creating a copy for analysis and archival purposes.


Facebook data is applied to multi-touch attribution models across the platform to derive actionable insights on revenue performance.


Facebook data is automatically synced to adjacent GTM platforms to provide visibility on campaign performance.

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