Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) and its paid equivalent, Google Analytics 360, are web analytics services provided by Google. Sona complements both services and can serve as a GA alternative in European countries where GA is deemed non-compliant with GDPR.

Analyze without limits

Analyze GA data without sampling to ensure 100% accurate insights. Remove query limitations without spending six figures on Analytics 360.

Improve attribution accuracy

GA data is combined with first-party data captured by Sona’s trackers to further improve attribution accuracy and completeness.

Enhance GA reporting

Automatically send cost data from other GTM platforms to GA to leverage its attribution models and advanced reporting features.

Elevate Google Analytics with Sona

Sona’s powerful ETL system cleanses, normalizes, combines, and aggregates data from all your GTM platforms in minutes to empower your team with actionable revenue intelligence. Google Analytics is one of more than 170 platforms supported by Sona today.

Illustration Sona Infrastructure


Sona automatically syncs data to and from your GA account daily, creating a copy for analysis and archival purposes.


GA data is applied to multi-touch attribution models across the platform to derive actionable insights on revenue performance.


GA data is automatically synced to adjacent GTM platforms to provide visibility on website activities.

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