Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a free web-based spreadsheet application offered by Google. While Google Sheets is not a platform, this connector lets you automatically sync data to the Sona platform frequently and effortlessly.

Gain visibility on offline events

Data from offline sources can be manually added to a spreadsheet and then automatically synced to the Sona platform for analysis.

Amplify what works

Allocate resources to activities that are driving results based on insights from both sales and marketing activities.

Elevate Google Sheets with Sona

Sona’s powerful ETL system cleanses, normalizes, combines, and aggregates data from all your GTM platforms in minutes to empower your team with actionable revenue intelligence. Google Sheets is one of more than 170 platforms supported by Sona today.

Illustration Sona Infrastructure


Sona automatically syncs data to and from selected spreadsheets daily, creating a copy for analysis and archival purposes.


Spreadsheet data is applied to multi-touch attribution models across the platform to derive actionable insights on revenue performance.


Imported spreadsheet data is automatically synced to adjacent GTM platforms to provide visibility on campaign performance.

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