Build, export and leverage people-based segments that auto-synchronize


Define segments to sync to other marketing tools

Build precise, auto-updating customer segments with web, mobile, and offline data to sync to destination tools. Then personalize all your marketing efforts at scale.

Customizable Segments

Filter user profiles by attributes to define granular segments. These filtered datasets can be used in other destination tools or reported to ad platforms for more efficient targeting. 

Segment Sync

Continuous Synchronization

Build and synchronize segments without worrying about storage or speed concerns. All segments stay up to date in real time and continuously adapt to new customer data.

GTM Tools

Push back enhanced data into your data warehouses or BI tools for future use. Send consistent messaging to your users across all channels based on known attributes and where they are in the funnel.

Conversion upload illustration

Conversion Reporting to Media Platforms

Report actual conversions to Facebook or Google Ads for better targeting and cost optimization. 

"With advanced attribution, we’ve been able to better understand our lead source data which has subsequently allowed us to make smarter marketing decisions."
Alan Braverman
Founder and CEO, Textline
improvement in attribution after enabling our conversion tracking service.


Use cases for your growth

From your growth marketing team, through product, sales and operations, all the way to finance, the Sona Growth Platform will improve your workflow and bottom line.

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