Move Beyond Last Click and Coupons. Uncover the True Value of Every Affiliate Partnership with Revenue Attribution

Affiliate marketing is an old game with new rules. In a cookieless, cross-device, ad-averse marketplace, measuring—and rewarding—clicks and actions can only take you so far. To grow revenue, you must first be able to measure and attribute every dollar that flows through your business. Sona empowers you to optimize the ROAS for every channel, partner, and initiative to drive sales volume at every stage of the funnel.

Show me how to measure the true impact of every affiliate

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Make revenue attribution your superpower

With Sona, you’ll be able to see and measure all marketing activities in real time. And make informed, targeted decisions to improve performance and prevent costly mistakes. Imagine what your program would look like with these capabilities: 

Marketing Costs Dashboard

Capture all user activities

Sona’s cookieless, server-side tracking technology can’t be blocked because it does not rely on third-party cookies. Plus, it is GDPR and CCPA compliant, so there’s no need for annoying consent banners.

Journey to Conversion Illustration

See every customer journey

Retrace the steps of every customer through an intuitive timeline containing every touchpoint from pre- to post-sale. Define milestones that matter to your business and monitor progress.

Connectors illustration

Connect activities to revenue

Automatically sync and connect data from all your GTM platforms, including CRM systems, ad platforms, and even custom databases to uncover the performance of every campaign, ad set, and creative. 


Annual revenue unlocked on average with ad spend optimizations.


Attribution coverage with improved tracking and platform integration.


Average return on investment on a Sona solution within one year.

Optimize performance at every level 

With full visibility of the customer journey and ROAS for every campaign, you can begin to incentivize the right behaviors and affiliates towards specific goals such as better brand awareness, brand loyalty, or simply more sales. Here’s how:

Say goodbye to affiliate marketing scams forever

With full visibility of all activities and revenue, you’ll be able to validate suspicious activities against data from Sona’s tracking system and significantly reduce your chances of paying for fraudulent outcomes. 

False attribution from coupons
Improper discount redemptions
Click spam
Fake leads
Spoof traffic
URL hijacking

Show me how to measure the impact of every affiliate partner

Connect with a revenue growth expert and discover what Sona can do for your business.