Identify companies and contacts visiting your website. Win more customers.

  • Get up to 30% more net-new leads from your current demand generation efforts
  • Reveal both the companies and individuals that are actively evaluating your product
  • Synchronize qualified new leads directly into your CRM 

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Turn website visitors into pipeline.

Convert anonymous website traffic into actionable leads and information in real-time. So you can make the most of every marketing dollar and close more deals

Gain New Qualified Leads

Sona allows you to identify the right person to contact from a visiting company. With enriched lead data, you’ll be able to better qualify and to construct the right outreach message.

Identify Company Visits

Sona identifies the names of the companies visiting your website.

  • Turn anonymous website traffic into company names
  • Reveal the exact behavior of the companies visiting your website
  • Connect multiple contacts visiting from the same company

Sync with your CRM

Empower your sales team with more intelligence in the platforms that they already use.

  • Integrate with major CRM and marketing automation tools
  • Automatically sync visit data with your CRM
  • Improve win rates with identified companies and contacts along with customer journey data

Identify new demand

Unlike other providers, Sona is able to identify both accounts and contacts that are visiting your website. Target accounts that are engaged and more likely to buy.

Gain more sales intel

With more information about content being browsed, sellers are more educated on what prospective buyers are seeking out. With more knowledge, sellers are more prepared for their interactions.

Engage buyers

Getting the timing right is an important factor in closing deals. With integrations into messaging systems, such as Slack, sellers can gain knowledge as to when their buyers are engaged and more receptive to outreach.

More pipeline

From the same demand generation initiatives, marketers can see 20% to 30% more pipeline generated without any additional marketing investment.

Optimize marketing campaigns

With additional demand being produced from existing marketing investments, better decisions to optimize the right channels and campaigns.


Improve content initiatives

See how companies engage with your website content and optimize for topics that draw in your target audience regardless of whether they complete forms. 

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