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From your growth marketing team, through product, sales and operations, all the way to finance, the Sona Growth Platform will improve your workflow and bottom line.


Better Prioritize Sales and Support Outreach

Account-based selling and support

Identify high-value customers based upon a comprehensive view combining all information that you have about your customers. Prioritize these customers first to optimize sales conversion rates. 

Tailor conversations
User profile data helps provide context for more insightful conversations with prospects (or customers)

Increase conversions through omni-channel marketing
Target prospects with cohesive messaging that resonates across all marketing touchpoints. 

The Single-Most, Comprehensive View Of Your Customers

Your sales and marketing stack is composed of many tools and siloed data sources. With the Sona Growth Platform, unify that data into a comprehensive customer profile that stays in sync across all of your go-to-market tools.

  • Get a complete, accurate view of every customer, across every touchpoint with enhanced user profiles. See a combined view of your brand and behavior attributes into a single profile.
  • Reconcile anonymous users with known IDs to build a single, unified customer profile. Leverage this knowledge which can include user interest and purchase intent signals to tailor your subsequent interactions.
  • Manage your day-to-day operations more efficiently by utilizing data to rank and organize your teams’ growth initiatives ranging from prioritizing support tickets to campaign optimizations.
  • Attribute selection
    Select key attributes to input into your lead scoring model, setting custom weights for each value.
  • Easy segment creation
    Create segments from your enhanced data based on lead scores to share with your team members directly from the Sona Growth Platform.
  • Power your go-to-market tools with fresh data.
    Sync your combined and transformed customer data with all of your go-to-market tools, and align your customer success, sales & marketing team.

Custom lead scoring models

Building upon user profiles, define custom lead scoring models and segments based on attributes which your teams have found to correlate to conversion, higher revenue, or any other key metric.  

“The Sona Growth Platform has been fantastic”
Alan Braverman
Founder & CEO, Textline

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