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From your growth marketing team, through product, sales and operations, all the way to finance, the Sona Growth Platform will improve your workflow and bottom line.

Business Operations

Unite the Growth Team

Unite teams behind growth initiatives

Drive action to reach business goals by facilitating smoother collaboration among teams and departments.

Build cohesive, live dashboards for the teams that need to execute on growth initiatives.

Get buy-in from teams by empowering them with auto-syncing data that they need to be more effective and allowing them to focus on decisions rather than data management.

Empower everyone in your business to take action in the areas they can impact. Drive the KPI’s for the business at-large which leads to happier users & more revenue.

The Single-Most, Comprehensive View Of Your Customers

Your sales and marketing stack is composed of many tools and siloed data sources. With the Sona Growth Platform, unify that data into a comprehensive customer profile that stays in sync across all of your go-to-market tools.

  • Get a complete, accurate view of every customer, across every touchpoint with enhanced user profiles. See a combined view of your brand and behavior attributes into a single profile.
  • Reconcile anonymous users with known IDs to build a single, unified customer profile. Leverage this knowledge which can include user interest and purchase intent signals to tailor your subsequent interactions.
  • Manage your day-to-day operations more efficiently by utilizing data to rank and organize your teams’ growth initiatives ranging from prioritizing support tickets to campaign optimizations.
  • Monitor key metrics and ROI across all channels
    Stay on top of your marketing campaigns by quickly tracking combined online and offline measures. Base your decision-making on the most accurate data, and quickly adapt your strategy to the latest results to reach your targets.
  • Access your data across all marketing channels.
    With all your offline and online data on one platform, analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns, roll up data sets and make historical comparisons across all your marketing platforms.
  • Use flexible scoring models to bring together sales, marketing, and customer success teams.
    Empower them to better prioritize and customize interactions based on a comprehensive set of data and user behavior signals.

Automated growth dashboards with accurate, verifiable data

Stop spending time wrangling data and building growth reports. You can select from pre-built reports or have custom reports built from a combination of data sources.

“The Sona Growth Platform has been instrumental in the growth of Collective. The dashboard is our source of truth for CAC and is a key tool in helping us plan our marketing strategy.”
Hooman Radfar
Co-founder & CEO, Collective

Scale your growth engine 

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