Advanced Insights to Scale Growth

Increasingly, demand marketers are evaluated on their ability to contribute pipeline and revenue. As paid marketing becomes more competitive, it’s crucial for demand marketers to assemble accurate, reliable, and real-time data for decisions. 

Connect paid marketing with revenue.

It's more important than ever for marketers to understand what's working and what. isn't. Marketers can get better insights into marketing budget allocation by connecting paid marketing with first-party sales data.

Track the lead journey to conversion

As a demand marketer, it's essential to understand your leads' journey to customers. Tracking the lead journey can identify areas where prospects are getting stuck so changes can be implemented.

Invest more into what converts

Detailed views into media performance and advanced data insights allow for better marketing decisions. Demand marketers can scale revenue with more accurate and reliable data.

Know which leads are converting

Centralized Dataset

Access overviews of funnel metrics from datasets that combine online and offline marketing data, applies attribution models, and incorporates channel groupings to allow for more robust analysis.

Paid Media Drill Down

Empower marketing to optimize ad platform performance  by enabling them to dig deeper into cost metrics from the campaign all the way down to the ad level. 

Full Funnel Analysis

Track funnel metrics from the top down to identity leaks, channels to invest more into, and much more. Leverage channels to increase the time to conversion.

Works with your current stack

Whatever you're using to close deals and track pipeline, we integrate with it.
"With our growth data unified, we’ve been able to set up more accurate and verifiable ad platform conversion reporting, integrated dashboards, and to better align team members around growth initiatives."
Alan Braverman
Founder and CEO, Textline
improvement in attribution after enabling our conversion tracking service.

Scale your Revenue Growth engine

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