Enhanced Attribution
More Accurate and Integrated Multi-Touch Attribution

With a proprietary and integrated attribution technology, the S/L platform helps you better understand and attribute all of the interactions and touchpoints on the path to conversion.

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Device-Based Tracking with Greater Accuracy. 

Track the customer journey to conversion in a multi-device world with more restrictions around privacy. With the S/L platform’s device-based tracking solution, you’ll be able to uncover attribution information for more users, including those who use ad blockers, cleared cookies, or had session timeouts.

Boost Your Marketing ROI

With more accurate attribution, you can connect traffic sources, campaigns, ad groups and ads that connect to ad clicks and conversions throughout your entire marketing funnel. 

Understand the Customer Journey.

See your customers’ journey through longer attribution windows and through their various interactions and touchpoints. Understand the true impact of each touchpoint across your entire marketing funnel.

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