Scale your customer growth engine

Go beyond the limits of your historical performance and drive holistic growth across channels.



We design and instrument a tracking infrastructure for our clients to generate data-driven, actionable insights and outcomes aligned to their business goals.

Tracking Design

At the outset, we’ll help you setup the tracking infrastructure by combining our Sona Advanced Attribution with other tracking systems. Once implemented, you’ll be able to track the entire customer journey.

Trusted, Verifiable Data

Import data across your organization, combine with tracking data, and build reports and dashboards. Our tracking infrastructure setup provides a data trail so you can follow the path to conversion.

Multi-touch Attribution

Our tracking design can capture the entire user journey so that you can see the true impact of each marketing touchpoint across your user’s journey, along with attribution dashboards and reports.


 Managed Reporting

We help you build business intelligence reports and dashboards that allow you to navigate your business targets and streamline collaboration among your teams.

Custom Reporting without Coding

Leverage the Sona platform to build custom reports and track marketing performance. No coding required. Get the benefits of advanced reporting and visualization without the costs of hiring an in-house team of data specialists.

Seamless Data Integration

Integrate and automate marketing data report generation from across your organization and provide meaningful context to each stakeholder. Role specific views allow you to manage access in a way that corresponds to your business needs.

Power Your Go-To-Market Tools

Sync your combined and transformed customer data with all of your go-to-market tools. Then leverage that data to build omnichannel campaigns with personalized messaging, align your teams, and so much more!


Growth Strategy

We provide a strategic growth plan, the accompanying tools to execute on the plan, and tactical growth execution.

Strategic Advisory

Comprehensive analysis of optimization, media channels, and performance strategies to ensure you are maximizing growth from your current media investments.

Other Services

Multi-Touch Attribution, Media Strategy, Channel Optimization, Campaign Implementation & Testing, Creative Testing Frameworks & Dashboards, Incrementality Testing, LTV Analysis, Market Research & Insights, Competitive Analysis, Live Reporting Dashboards

“The Sona Growth Platform has been instrumental in the growth of Collective.  The dashboard is our source of truth for CAC and is a key tool in helping us plan our marketing strategy.”
Hooman Radfar
Co-founder and CEO, Collective
improvement in CAC after enabling our server side conversion reporting

Scale your growth engine 

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