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Like many organizations, Google Ads likely constitutes the largest share of your multi-channel digital marketing mix. Yet, knowing if your campaigns are truly optimized for revenue growth can be a challenge. Are your campaigns performing optimally or are you leaving money on the table? Request a free revenue analysis today to find out.

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See tangible improvements fast

Our growth specialists will work with you to connect all of your buyer’s journey data and analyze more than 40 parameters including attribution, budget, and account structure. You’ll receive concrete recommendations to reclaim and redistribute wasted ad spend, optimize campaigns, and ultimately grow revenue. 


Reduction in CPC costs on average with keyword-related optimizations.


Annual revenue unlocked on average with ad spend optimizations.


Attribution coverage with improved tracking and platform integration.

Get answers to your most pressing questions

How much is Google Ads really contributing to revenue?

We’ll start by auditing the completeness and accuracy of buyer’s journey data to ensure every dollar is accurately attributed. This will include examining your data attribution processes, account structure, and conversion tracking settings to ensure you’re tracking all the necessary events.

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What is my ROI from Google Ads?

Next, we’ll analyze campaign performance against budget allocation to uncover key ROI metrics including return on ad spend (ROAS), customer acquisition cost (CAC), cost per action (CPA), payback period, and sales velocity.

What optimization opportunities should I take to grow revenue fast?

Finally, we’ll draw up a list of detailed recommendations, including where to pause or increase spend; how to structure campaigns to improve ROI; and how to improve your quality score. It’s not uncommon for us to identify double-digit revenue boosts in organizations with multi-million dollar marketing budgets.

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Realize at least 200% ROI on your Sona license or get a full refund.

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Get end-to-end support with dedicated revenue growth specialists. 

Complete visibility

Avoid costly mistakes with a single source of truth for revenue performance.

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Receive a comprehensive report with actionable insights in one week.