Google Analytics Cost Uploader

Unify your marketing data for better decisions


Automatically Synchronize Ad Platform Cost Data with Google Analytics

Scale your ecommerce store growth by uploading cost data from marketing campaigns directly to Google Analytics. 


Easy Setup

Connect your ad platform and Google Analytics accounts to get started.

  • Connect your accounts
  • Configure the upload settings
  • That’s it! See your synchronized cost data in Google Analytics

First Party Data 

Combine Sona’s advanced attribution tracking data with CRM data from your e-commerce platform.

  • Uncover the channels and strategies that bring your best customers
  • Close the attribution gap and get a more accurate picture of customers and purchases from your marketing initiatives
  • Make better  informed marketing decisions

Facebook Conversions API

Leverage first-party attribution data collected by the Sona Growth Platform and report server-based conversions back directly to Facebook

  • No coding or server setup required
  • Track and report on multiple conversion events through your marketing funnel
  • Go far beyond ad platform reporting. Optimize media performance with more complete and accurate data.

Optimize Performance

Leverage more accurate and complete first party attribution data to optimize marketing performance.

  • iOS 14 users opting out of Facebook tracking
  • See conversion data 
  • Users with multiple sessions and devices

See How Customer Journeys Map to Revenue

Analyze which channels and sub-channels are driving your business growth. Dig deeper to better understand the customer journey from first touch to purchase date.

  • Identify how channel / sub-channel paths impact revenue over time
  • Understand which journeys are contributing to purchases
  • See the share of customers by channel / sub-channel paths

Integrate all of your data and use it anywhere

Combine the Sona Growth Platform tracking data, e-commerce data, ad platform data, and more on a single platform.

  • Gain insights and answer complex marketing questions
  • Single source of truth
  • Automatic syncing and updating for ease of use

Unlock the power of Google Analytics with Enhanced Data

Dive into sales, marketing and LTV data with advanced tracking and cost data integrated

Complete marketing attribution: Additional tracking data captured by Sona allows data-informed decisions related to budget allocations and media optimization decisions.

Enhanced Dataset: With Sona’s advanced first-party data collection, you’ll see additional purchase attribution information in GA.

Cost Data in GA: Automatically synchronize ad platform cost data into GA with Sona’s data synchronization capabilities.

"With our growth data unified, we’ve been able to set up more accurate and verifiable ad platform conversion reporting, integrated dashboards, and to better align team members around growth initiatives."
Alan Braverman
Founder and CEO, Textline
improvement in attribution after enabling our conversion tracking service.

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