Connect, enhance, and synchronize all of your unified marketing data from a single platform


Unify your data silos to establish a single source of truth

Data connections enable you to connect all your data sources so you can build a more comprehensive understanding of your customers as well as your marketing performance. Further enhance your data and then export it back into your marketing tools for additional real-time leverage.


Connect Your Data

Bring all your data sources together into our customer data platform.

Through our direct integrations to your marketing tools, you’ll be able to easily move and access all your data into one place. Uncover areas of opportunities and take next steps with greater confidence.


Transform Your Data

Combine, cleanse, and process data with our built-in ETL.

Transform your ingested datasets by creating advanced transformation without coding. Then use that data to build custom reports, charts, and dashboards to easily track and analyse performance.


Free up your time as your data updates and syncs automatically.


Build enhanced reports to combine multiple data sources and calculate new metrics.


Easily schedule, automate, and access report updates for real-time data accuracy


Synchronize Custom Segments

Leverage custom segments to reach your customers wherever they are in their journey.

Transform data into actions by building custom segments based on attributes, behaviors, or other observed criteria. Then export the segments to use in other marketing tools such as: email automation, content marketing, and so much more. 

"With our growth data unified, we’ve been able to set up more accurate and verifiable ad platform conversion reporting, integrated dashboards, and to better align team members around growth initiatives."
Alan Braverman
Founder and CEO, Textline
improvement in attribution after enabling our conversion tracking service.


Use cases for your growth

From your growth marketing team, through product, sales and operations, all the way to finance, the Sona Growth Platform will improve your workflow and bottom line.

Scale your growth engine 

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