Track and understand the user journey from the first click to customer


Understand the true impact of each touchpoint across your entire marketing funnel.

High quality, multi-touch attribution is an important tool for data-driven growth marketers. With evolving data policies and attribution models from Apple, Google, Facebook, and other major platforms, it is imperative that you work with an attribution solution that evolves with the ever-changing privacy environment.


Automated Data Collection

Our advanced attribution infrastructure enables easy and automatic data collection. We collect, combine, and organize all of your online and offline touchpoints to create a single source of attribution truth. High quality attribution data provides you with a better picture of the buyer's journey and enables more informed marketing decisions.


Server-Based Conversion Reporting

Track, attribute and synchronize conversions through a seamless, server-based approach. With the long-awaited Apple App Tracking Transparency feature to prevent third-party apps from tracking users across the web, server-based conversion reporting provides an important method for advertisers to leverage and report back to ad platforms with their first-party conversion data.

"With advanced attribution, we’ve been able to better understand our lead source data which has subsequently allowed us to make smarter marketing decisions."
Alan Braverman
Founder and CEO, Textline
improvement in attribution after enabling our conversion tracking service.

Multi-touch Attribution

After tracking and combining data across all customer touchpoints, you’ll have a better understanding as to which marketing initiatives drive better performance and ROI. Double down on higher converting touchpoints, monitor promising channels, and stop poor performing campaigns. Drill down to every click and conversion for budget allocation and forecasting.


Use cases for your growth

From your growth marketing team, through product, sales and operations, all the way to finance, the Sona Growth Platform will improve your workflow and bottom line.

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